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Wood is a beautiful and versatile material. It is durable, natural, easy to install and has a "warmth" to it many of the stone and solid surface tops simply do not have. Our lumber is harvested from renewable and carefully-managed resources. Wood is safer and quieter on delicate glassware, pans and cookware. Not only can it be retouched and refinished with ease after many years of use if necessary, but the color and characture of hardwood tops actually improve with age.



Clear, food-grade mineral oil is one of our most popular finishes.  Mineral oil protects and enhances the warmth and tactile qualities of wood. Mineral oil is extremely easy to apply and maintain. Periodic application with a soft cloth is the only required maintenance and should be done so whenever the surface appears dry. Unlike other finishes that harden, oiled surfaces are not subject to scratches or mars in the same way more permanent fnishes are. Wood surfaces are somewhat self-healing and when properly sealed, wood tops exhibit natural anti-bacterial benefits.


Waterlox is a penetrating oil finish that enhances the grain patterns and deepens the natural beauty of the wood top. Unlike mineral oil, Waterlox is comprised of a proprietary Linseed and Tung oil blend which penetrates and actually hardens the surface of the wood. It requires even less maintenance than mineral oil and unlike Epoxy or Polyurethane the "feel" of the wood surface is still accessible. Waterlox is recommended for all counter tops, bar tops or bathroom vanities with built-in sinks or wet conditions as it offers even greater resistance to moisture than mineral oil alone.


Epoxy, and water-based, low-VOC finishes also available upon request.

Durable. Timeless. Warm.

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